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A Touch of Compassion & Creativity

Fernando Resende is an art director and photographer. Sixteen years ago, Fernando sustained a complete C6-7 spinal cord injury in a car accident. We sat down with him to chat about his recovery process and the lessons he's learned along the way. 

“I wouldn’t focus so much on the negative. I would focus on getting better, getting stronger, for myself and for my family”

Fernando Resende has always had a positive outlook on life and a life threatening experience was not going to stop him from living it. His story began sixteen years ago, with a road trip to Las Vegas with his wife and eight month old baby. A head on car accident left Fernando with a complete C6-7 spinal cord injury. 

Watch the interview below to listen to Fernando's story and:

  • The number one thing that helped him through the recovery process;
  • How he was able to stay optimistic during one of the hardest moments in his life;
  • The impact that physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all of his rehabilitation practitioners had;
  • The importance of being creative with your patients;
  • How to incorporate your professional and personal background into exercises, interactions and therapy;
  • The sometimes understated but incredible importance of being compassionate and empathetic with all people



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