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How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain Millennials

This Expert Series Webinar segment focuses on all the impact millennials have on the physiotherapy profession and proven strategies to hire and retain millennials in your clinic or organization. Joining us for this discussion with the founders of The Movement PT's, PT Business Corner and Art of Mobility. Watch the highlights of our webinar to learn how millennials are revolutionizing the way we view business, physiotherapy and the future of the profession.


The Panelists:

Will Nicholson 

A 2nd year Masters of Physical Therapy Student at Western University. During his academic career, Will connected with Dalton and helped create their social media account ‘The MVMT’ and podcast ‘PTCOFFEECAST’ to help present physio to the public in a fun way, and to bridge the gap between the real world of health and what they were learning in school. Will is a highly passionate person with a drive to help others realize their potential.


Dalton Laino

A 2nd-year Physical Therapy Student at Western University who will be graduating this October. Dalton and his friend Will started an Instagram page called ‘The MVMT’ where they post daily content promoting the profession of physical therapy. This led them to starting their own podcast called the PTCOFFEECAST where they interview various healthcare professionals over a cup of coffee. He hopes to continue to help make positive change in this amazing profession


Soroush Peyvandi

Co-founded PT Business Corner, whose mission is to build a comprehensive business educational platform for physiotherapists to enable innovation and rapid growth of the profession. Soroush is currently completing his Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. He is aspires to be an innovator and to integrate technology within the practice to revolutionize how physiotherapists deliver their care and to improve access to this care. 


Slava Blokhin

She has co-founded PT Business Corner, an educational platform that aims to improve business acumen in physiotherapists. Slava also dedicates his time to being a student representative for the CPA Private Practice Division and helps with a number of projects for Embodia. He is currently completing a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.


Justin Mah 

A graduate student completing their Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto has co-founded Art of Mobility, a platform that exists to challenge the current status quo in fitness and rehabilitation, and is dedicated to bridging the current gap between rehab professionals and the general public. Justin is also part of the PT Business Corner team alongside his peers and is their Podcast Lead.


Topics of Discussion: 

  • What are the best ways to properly adjust to the newest generation that takes over the workplace? 
  • How are millennials revolutionizing the work place and business through their use of social internet? 
  • What are the best approaches for attracting, hiring and retaining millennials in your clinic or organization? 



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