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How to Grow and Develop the Leadership Talent of Everyone in your Clinic

Rick Lau & Scott Marcaccio have joined us for another segment of our Expert Webinar Series. The discussion centres around culture, leadership and developing talent within your clincal team.

Topics of Discussion: 

  • How to get employees to take on additional leadership roles?
  • How to build a high-purpose environment?
  • How to create shared goals within an organization and simple beacons that focus attention and engagement on the shared goals?
  • Introducing emotional Intelligence into your team
  • Where is the research headed?
  • How to create shared goals within your team? 

Watch the highlights from this talk below! 


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  2. Pay $20 for the single recorded session.


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About The Instructors:


Rick Lau Embodia Continuing Education Physiotherapy-1

Rick Lau, Healthcare Entrepreneur, CallHero Owner

Rick Lau is a successful healthcare entrepreneur and marketing expert. Having built a network of over 100 clinics across Canada, Rick understands the challenges clinic owners face and how to overcome them through optimizing clinic systems and marketing processes.

Rick is also the founder of CallHero, a call performance and training software that helps clinics turn their staff into phone experts and convert more calls into booked appointments. Rick also works with the CPA Private Practice Division helping clinic owners with their businesses.




Scott Marcaccio-1

Scott Marcaccio, Co-Founder / CEO at Myodetox

Scott Marcaccio is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Myodetox, a lifestyle and wellness brand operating eight multidisciplinary therapy clinics across Canada and the US. 

Through the power of their brand-building efforts and industry-leading social media strategy, Scott has led Myodetox to forge ongoing partnerships with global brands including Nike, Samsung, Jordan Brand, OVO, Lululemon and Equinox.



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