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The Complete List of August 2020 Embodia Updates


This month we’ve been up to some big changes behind the scenes. For starters, we gave our monthly newsletter a make-over and have included a lot more interactive content including this blog and update video where we walk you through everything that’s been added to Embodia this past month.

Let’s get started!


New Courses

Here are the latest courses on Embodia Academy:

  1. An Introduction to Telerehabilitation and Virtual Care, a free course for Embodia Members. This course will introduce you to the basics of setting up a virtual practice including the who, what, when, why, where, and how.
  2. Optimize Your Wellbeing and Prevent Burnout with Anna Wong (free for Embodia Members). In this online course, we will discuss evidence-based strategies to optimize our wellbeing, from the fields of positive psychology and mind-body medicine.
  3. ACT vs Pain Education: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for Treating Pain? with Dr. Joe Tatta (free for Embodia Members). Learn the differences between Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Pain Science Education and how to combine these cutting edge treatments effectively in clinical practice.
  4. Introduction to Clinical Tai Chi by Dr. Mirella Veras. Learn a unique and innovative tai chi method that incorporates balance exercises and postures from different tai chi styles, Pilates, and Yoga that are adapted with the physiotherapy, medical knowledge, and scientific principles to be used in rehabilitation and wellness. 
  5. Clinical Tai Chi: System of Balance: Level 1 by Dr. Mirella Veras. Learn basic Tai Chi exercises and how to incorporate them into clinical practice for individuals and groups.
  6. Yoga and Science in Pain Care is a free course available to all healthcare practitioners, educators, consultants, and partners in research. In this course, Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko, and Marlysa Sullivan introduce their upcoming 15-part book club series which is the first of its kind hosted on Embodia!


Upcoming Webinars

Speaking of the Yoga and Science in Pain Care series - the first chapter is coming up on September 8th! You can register for this individual webinar or you can choose to register for the entire series. Join Shelly, Neil, and Marylsa along with all of the content contributors of the book 'Yoga and Science in Pain Care'! This is going to be one big, international book club over 15 months!

Other Upcoming Webinars:

  1. Connection: The Missing Link, Sponsored by the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association on August 20th - join David Walton, Jasdeep Dhir, and Jim Millard for an insightful and informative session about communication and collaboration.
  2. An Introduction to Embodia HEP and Telerehab on August 25th - this webinar is perfect if you are brand new to Embodia and would like to get a first-hand look at what we offer. 
  3. Advanced Features and New Releases on September 1st - this webinar is your opportunity to join the Embodia team as we do a deep dive into new features and quick tips on making the most out of your Embodia experience.
  4. *Last minute addition!* Communication is Care: 9 Empowering Strategies to Guide Patient Healing with Jennifer George on September 3rd!
  5. Nutrition for Rehab Professionals with Dr. Sean Wells on September 15th - learn the basics about nutrition, how nutrition can be assessed and prescribed for specific health issues, and explore emerging and specialty population topics relevant to the rehabilitation professional.

As a reminder, all webinar recordings + resources are free to Embodia Members.


Train-the-Trainer Revamp and Re-Release

The revamped ‘Train the trainer’ course series which consists of 5 separate courses.

These courses are a detailed guide for all instructors including those using Embodia Academy, a Private Academy, and our newest Embodia offering: Consumer Academies - a branded platform where you can sell your courses to the general public.

The Train the trainer series will cover all the basics. We will walk you through the Embodia ecosystem, creating your content, recording your course, marketing the finished course, and understanding the analytics for your course (and therefore how to improve it!)

The main objective of this series is you equip each instructor with all the tools he/she/they/them needs to become a pro instructor. 

Each course requires a course identifier to join. This is a 6 character code that is unique to each course. If you are a new instructor and would like to access this series, please book a discovery call with Maggie Bergeron to ensure you are the right fit for Embodia. If you are a returning instructor, please contact us at


Product Updates

Lastly, let’s walk through the biggest product updates that will help you run your practice, engage your patients, and save you time 🎉 


Branding for Home Exercise Programs (HEP)

You can now add your own professional branding on written materials and automated emails that go out to your patients such as new program reminders.

If you are a clinic manager, you can add branding for your clinic by going to My Clinics, click on your clinic name, and then navigate to the Branding section.

If you are an individual practitioner, go to My Profile in the sidebar and navigate to My Branding. 



Print-Friendly Exercises

There are more than 1700 exercise videos available to you on Embodia. Exercise videos are a great way to engage your patients and remind them of their exercises. However, we understand that some patients prefer a printed handout or a PDF emailed to them.

There are two ways to create a print-friendly program.

The first is to click on the print icon next to an exercise. This will print the individual exercise.


The second way is to navigate to a prescribed program and click on Print. This will print the full program and will include your branding information if you have added it to your account on Embodia.


Patient Education Tools

With over 1700 exercises now available on Embodia, and the option to upload your own, we have started to spend more time on the education library. This past month three students from the University of Toronto Physiotherapy program, Linnea Thacker, Bella Levi, and Debra Posluns have developed multiple patient education tools including:

1. Tips for Working from Home Pain-Free

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are now working from home and feeling the effects in their body. This patient education tool will provide your patients with information on how to set themselves up at home and incorporate movement into their day, to reduce postural related pain.

Want to check out a sneak peek of this content? Click here to check out this blog written by the University of Toronto students that provides an excellent outline of this patient education tool.

2. A Falls Prevention Checklist

This tool is great to share with patients at high risk of falls. It includes strategies to fall-proof the home, tips for falls prevention in the community, and finally a discussion about exercise for falls prevention.

3. Osteoporosis vs Osteopenia: A Patient’s Guide

This tool will help your patient understand the osteoporosis disease process in simple terms, and how you can help them manage their condition through weight-bearing exercise, balance training, etc.

4. A Patient’s Guide to Arthritis

This tool goes through a comparison of common types of arthritis, including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Spondyloarthritis, to help your patient understand the risk factors, symptoms, and how you can help them manage these conditions.

Want to check out a sneak peek of this content? Click here to check out this blog written by the University of Toronto students that provides an excellent outline of this patient education tool.

5. How to Use Your Crutches

This tool is a practical guide to using crutches, including proper sizing, weight-bearing statuses, walking and using stairs with crutches


You can easily share these education tools with your patients if you are an Embodia Member, by clicking the Share button like this:


Closing Thoughts

If you aren’t an Embodia Member and would like to sign up, log in to your Embodia account and go to My Profile > My Memberships to get registered. It’s only $15/month and you will unlock tons of great services including home exercise prescription, telerehab, two-way messaging, over 80 free courses, and much more!

That’s it for this month! We will have lots of new updates for you next month. You’ll also have the chance to meet other members on our team who will be unveiling our brand new website.

Keep an eye out for our special invite emails that help you stay informed about the courses, content, and webinars that you are most interested in. 

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