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One Question Interview: Rochenda Howard

If you could tell your patients 5 things, what would they be?

1. Stay ON the Grid!

Our bones are aligned structurally along grid lines. If your bones sit off this grid – your posture will suffer and your muscles (muscles are what hold up the bones) will be off-balance. The result? Pain; and incomplete resolution of injuries.

2. Muscles work in chains

They do not function in isolation. Comprehensive treatment acknowledges the intricate symphony of muscles that move our body.

3. Look after small injuries

Compensations made from improperly resolved past problems will become ‘THE injury’ later on.

4. Educate your body on “the Core”

Our core is designed in layers. Training only the outer layer (as is usual) leaves the inner layers confused. The ‘inner core’ or your ‘center’ is the hidden secret.

5. Treatment is a partnership and an investment from both sides

At least 75% of the value in the time I spend with patients is in the ‘take-home’; the education and the follow –up training drills assigned (assisted by healthSwapp - good value that you can keep!) Most importantly, complete the treatment. Do not ‘under-treat’ or let insurance coverage decide this for you. Take charge and capitalize on your investment.


Thank you Rochenda for the great answer and the shout out to us at healthSwapp! It's been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to the continued collaboration. Rochenda's amazing PILATES videos can be found and shared with your patients on healthSwapp. If you're interested in learning more about Rochenda's style of treatment, check out one of her courses!

Click Here for the full Course.



Rochenda Howard B.A. (P.E.), B.Sc.P.T., M.Sc.

Rochenda is a Physiotherapist and graduated from the University of Toronto.  Additionally, she holds a B.A. in Physical Education (University of Western Ontario) and an M.Sc. Research degree in Rehabilitation Therapy (Queens University, Canada).  

Rochenda has a special interest in muscle function and motor learning and in how biomechanical and muscle / movement imbalances contribute to painful conditions.  She has continued to pursue this passion for more than 25 years, focusing exclusively on the development of a PILATES–based Physiotherapy treatment system. While living in Hong Kong Rochenda had the privilege to work extensively with Julia Ellis (RBS (TTC), FISTD, ARAD), a gifted ballet teacher, choreographer and Pilates ‘guru’ and together they founded the successful BET Pilates Centre in 1994. They were the first to introduce Pilates in Hong Kong and East Asia and the first in the region to offer an exclusively Pilates –based Physiotherapy approach.  In 2013, Rochenda returned to her native Toronto and established a small PhysioPilates clinic in the West- end where she continues to maintain a full-time practice. In 2006, Rochenda published the first rigorously designed research study on a Pilates - based physiotherapy intervention, the results of this study presented at several conferences internationally. 

Rochenda is a passionate educator having co-developed the BET Pilates training curriculum and she has been active internationally teaching and mentoring Physiotherapists in this system since 1996.

In her spare time, Rochenda enjoys competitive swimming, outdoor activities, cycling, travel, spending time with her two daughters and a good espresso.

Contact Information:; (647) 748-1889;

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