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How to Improve your Communication Skills With Your Patients Using CBT and ACT Approaches

This segment of our Expert Series with Alison Sim focuses on how to effectively motivate your patients. Understand the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches. Watch the webinar highlights to learn how to improve your communication skills with your patients

How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain Millennials

This Expert Series Webinar segment focuses on all things millennials. Joining us for this discussion are the founders of The Movement PT's, PT Business Corner & Art of Mobility. Watch the highlights of our webinar to learn how millennials are revolutionizing the way we view business

How to Effectively Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is ranked as 45 on the McGill Pain Scale making it the most painful chronic pain disease. Bahram Jam of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute introduces the most clinically relevant studies, the best methods to properly assess & treat CRPS & strategies you can use in your practice

Oncology Care in Physiotherapy

Joining us for another Expert Series Webinar are Jodi Steele & Kate Smith. We sat down with them to discuss entrepreneurship & oncology. Both have extensive knowledge on how to advertise & network your business. Learn the basic strategies and tips for treating patients that have cancer

Research, Social Media, and Business

Embodia webinar highlights with Sanjeev Bhatia, Greg Lehman, Nicole Sullivan and Jesse Awenus. We discuss topics from the PhysioMoves Canada project by Dave Walton including: what is the future of the physiotherapy profession, how will technology impact physical therapy and more!

How the Right Support Can Lessen Suffering

Joanne Smith runs a successful nutrition business specializing in providing optimal nutritional health for people with neurological conditions, digestive dysfunction & weight loss. Her expertise in the disability community comes from her personal experience of living with a spinal cord injury for 30 years.

The Collaboration Game

In this short video from his online course, Know Pain: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Patient Education Skills, Mike Stewart (KnowPain Mike) explains the difference between one way vs. two way communication. Maggie Bergeron and Elie Afif have the opportunity to play the collaboration game.

Kim Vopni: Entrepreneur & Pelvic Health Evangelist

Kim Vopni is an entrepreneur, a pelvic health evangelist, and mother of two boys. She is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness and co-founder of Bellies Inc. Kim is on a mission to break through the taboos and redefine how we think of women's health. This is an interview with Kim.

Antony Lo: Treating Patients with Love, Care, and Concern

Antony Lo is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. Based in Australia, he is an entrepreneur in his own right. Get to know Antony by reading his interview.

Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Julian D'Angelo is the founder of JD Media Group and shares his insights in digital marketing and entrepreneurship for physiotherapists in this blog post.

Shelly Prosko: Science & Compassion

This is an interview with Shelly Prosko, Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist & Embodia Academy Instructor.

New Course Release: K-Taping for Women's Health Basics

Sabrina Silla leads a new online continuing education course focused on K-Taping for women's health basics. Explore basic taping techniques directed at common conditions related to women's health.

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