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APTEI: Dismantling Body Shaming and the Weight-Loss Culture

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APTEI: Dismantling Body Shaming and the Weight-Loss Culture

APTEI: Dismantling Body Shaming and the Weight-Loss Culture

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This course was recorded in September 2023


This online course is for all healthcare providers who wish to offer their patients the best possible advice on weight loss to help them embrace health beyond weight.
Why are so many people obsessed with weight loss? 
Is it because of health? Looks? Acceptance? Self-esteem? Sense of social status?
A disheartening sad statistic is that up to 90% of women are dissatisfied with their own bodies.
Annually, billions of dollars, time and negative energy are needlessly spent by millions of people around the world on weight loss methods with people becoming slaves to this obsession.
In this on-demand course, Bahram Jam will discuss why ‘Fat’ is just another 3 letter word! He will defend the use of the word by referencing those who suggest the intentional use of the word 'fat' in order to reclaim the word, take back its power and eliminate the negativity that society has placed on it.
We will also question the clinical use of the weight scale and the BMI, as they could potentially harm more people than be of benefit.
There will be a discussion on the sickening history of dieting and why trying to lose weight is a losing game.

Discussions in the course

Here is the list of all the 13 discussions in this course
  1. Introduction &  my Confession
  2. ‘Fat’ is just another 3 letter word
  3. Questioning the weight scale and BMI
  4. The sickening history of dieting
  5. The top 10 reasons to STOP calorie counting
  6. Trying to lose weight is a losing game
  7. Exercise with a focus on GAINING
  8. The harms of social media & comparison
  9. Physical versus emotional hunger
  10. Intermittent fasting: Pros & Cons
  11. My top 10 suggestions for optimal exercise
  12. How hungry am I?
  13. My top 10 suggestions on optimal diet
  14. My final thoughts
The instructors
Bahram Jam (he/him)

Bahram is a physiotherapist and founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI). He's taught 1000+ continuing education courses to healthcare professionals across Canada & internationally.

He has instructed over one thousand post-graduate orthopaedic and pain science courses and has been a guest presenter at several physiotherapy and medical conferences across Canada and internationally.

His primary clinical approach is to identify relevant functional impairments and determine the best self-management strategy to maximize patient independence.

Course Material included in this course
  • Dismanteling the Weight-loss culture
  • 5: STOP calorie counting
  • 6: Trying to lose weight is a losing game
  • 7: Exercise with focus on GAINING
  • 8: The harms of social media, comparison & envy
  • Quiz 2: Dismanteling the weight-loss culture
  • Feedback on section #2
  • Dismanteling dieting
  • 9: Physical versus Emotional Hunger
  • 10: Intermittant Fasting: Good or Bad?
  • 11: My top 10 suggestions for Optimal Exercise
  • 12: How hungry am I?
  • 13: My top 10 suggestions on optimal diet
  • Quiz 3: Dismanteling dieting
  • Feedback on section #3
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