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Trousse de Ressources - Éducation à la Douleur pour les Patients

Trousse de Ressources - Éducation à la Douleur pour les Patients

Trousse de Ressources - Éducation à la Douleur pour les Patients



Do you find it challenging to explain pain and help patients grasp the complex idea of pain? 

Carolyn explains the complex topic of pain into easy to follow videos that can be shared with your patients using Embodia.

This free Resource Package by Carolyn Vandyken contains a series of 8 educational videos designed to help explain pain to patients. These videos can be shared with your patients via Embodia if you are an Embodia Member (Subscriber) in our Tier 2 or Tier 3 Membership plan. You can learn more about Embodia membership options on this page or you can reach out to us at


What’s Included in this Resource Package?

  • Patient education videos that you can easily share with your patients via Embodia with an Embodia Membership. 
  • Lifetime access. You can return to this course at any time. If any material is updated or added, you will have access to the new content.
  • There are 8 educational videos and they are all shareable
  • The educational videos can be shared individually or altogether in the template we've setup for you, making it easier and faster to share the entire series of patient education videos.

Keep scrolling to view which exercises are included in this resource package by Carolyn Vandyken of Reframe Rehab. 

This Resource Package is also available in English. You can find the English version here.


Instructions to Access this Resource Package

This package is free but you must request access by Clicking Request Access to Course Material.

The 8 videos can be found in the Patient Education section. 


Important Information about Resource Packages on Embodia:

This course is a resource package. A resource package is not a complete online course. Rather, resource packages on Embodia contain patient exercises and/or education which can be prescribed with patients directly through Embodia.

Please note, you must be an Embodia Member (subscriber) to use Embodia with your patients. You can view membership pricing here or contact us at if you have questions.

The instructors
Carolyn Vandyken

Carolyn is the co-owner of Reframe Rehab, a teaching company engaged in breaking down the barriers internationally between pelvic health, orthopaedics and pain science. Carolyn has practiced in orthopaedics and pelvic health for the past 37 years. She is a McKenzie Credentialled physiotherapist (1999), certified in acupuncture (2002), and obtained a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in 2017.

Carolyn received the YWCA Women of Distinction award (2004) and the distinguished Education Award from the OPA (2015). Carolyn was recently awarded the Medal of Distinction from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in 2021 for her work in pelvic health and pain science.

Carolyn has been heavily involved in post-graduate pelvic health education, research in lumbopelvic pain, speaking at numerous international conferences and writing books and chapters for the past twenty years in pelvic health, orthopaedics and pain science.

Patient Education included in this course
  • PE1: Le Système Nerveux
  • PE2: Récepteurs Nerveux
  • PE3: La Douleur Se Diffuse
  • PE4: Comment Calmer le Système
  • PE5: Une Douleur sans Blessure
  • PE6: Votre Cerveau a Rendez-Vous avec la Douleur
  • PE7: Stress et Douleur
  • PE8: À Propos de Mes Tissus?
Templates included in this course
  • Pain Education for Patients (French Version)
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