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A Review of Obstructive Respiratory Disease & Implications for Secretion Clearance

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A Review of Obstructive Respiratory Disease & Implications for Secretion Clearance

A Review of Obstructive Respiratory Disease & Implications for Secretion Clearance

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Course Description 

This session will provide an overview of obstructive respiratory disease and considerations for selecting effective secretions clearance techniques.   Specifically this will provide a review of the pathophysiology of obstructive respiratory disease and a review of the current evidence to help guide selection of effective secretion clearance techniques.

Physiotherapists help manage patients with obstructive respiratory disease in many different practice settings.  Secretion clearance is an integral part of patient management and selecting the most effective and an evidence-informed mode of treatment is integral to ensuring the best patient outcomes.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the pathophysiology associated with chronic respiratory disease.
  • Be familiar with evidence informed strategies for secretion clearance in people with obstructive respiratory disease.
  • Be aware of appropriate secretion clearance treatment options for people with obstructive respiratory disease.

About the Instructor

This course is brought to you by the Cardiorespiratory Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and taught by Tania Larsen who graduated from Western University in 2003 with a BSc in Physical Therapy.  

Tania has worked clinically since graduating at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in London Ontario, with acute care experience in the areas of critical care, cardiac surgery and outpatient exercise training for individuals with chronic lung disease.  Tania completed an MSc in Physical Therapy in 2006 where she investigated the effect of a home rib cage stretching protocol on individuals with chronic obstructive disease.  In 2019, Tania graduated from Western University with a PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science; her thesis qualitatively explored the psychological and environmental factors perceived to shape the process of recovery from critical illness from the patient perspective.  

Tania is currently the Manager of Physiotherapy Practice at LHSC.  Tania is also a Lecturer within the School of Physical Therapy at Western University.  Tania serves on several volunteer committees; she serves on the regional education planning committee for the Ontario Respiratory Care Society and is Past Chair of the Cardiorespiratory Division (CRD) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.  Prior to her role as Chair and Past Chair, Tania served as Education Coordinator for 6 six years.  Within her role as the Education Co-Coordinator for the CRD, she worked collaboratively within the Division to develop and offer several cardiorespiratory continuing education courses and workshops to physiotherapists across Canada. 

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Course Material included in this course
  • A Review of Obstructive Respiratory Disease & Implications for Secretion Clearance
  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Understanding Airway Obstructive Disease
  • Factors that Affect Airflow
  • Increasing Expiratory Flow Rate
  • PEP
  • Active Cycle Breathing and Autogenic Drainage
  • Feedback