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Hormones Matter: Considerations for Treating Women with MSK Problems

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Hormones Matter: Considerations for Treating Women with MSK Problems

Hormones Matter: Considerations for Treating Women with MSK Problems

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This course was recorded in February 2021


Hormones influence a woman’s physiology throughout her lifecycle.  How does the presence of painful periods affect younger women with MSK problems? How do menopausal changes affect mature women with MSK symptoms?  Consider the whole person in your treatment approach.

Join Carloyn Vandyken and Susan Clinton for Accelerate your Growth by Increasing your Scope Session 3 - Hormones Matter: Considerations for Treating Women with MSK Problems.

Overview of all Sessions in this Course Series:

This course is part of a larger series. You can find all of the courses in this series by going here.

  1. Sleep and Musculoskeletal Pain: The Crucial Link presented by Debbie Patterson 
  2. Osteoporosis: A Silent Risk Factor for Decreased QOL presented by Mikki Townsend 
  3. Hormones Matter: Considerations for Treating Women with MSK Problems presented by Susan Clinton 
  4. Tension is a Top-Down Problem: Changing our Target(s) with Exercise presented by Carolyn Vandyken 
  5. Lifestyle Medicine and Musculoskeletal Health: Broadening your Scope presented by Dr. Sinead Dufour 
  6. Exercise Prescription Overhaul for MSK pain presented by Cory Blickenstaff and Teresa Waser 
  7. Polyvagal Theory, Stress, and MSK pain presented by Marlysa Sullivan 
The instructors
Carolyn Vandyken

Carolyn is the co-owner of Reframe Rehab, a teaching company engaged in breaking down the barriers internationally between pelvic health, orthopaedics and pain science. Carolyn has practiced in orthopaedics and pelvic health for the past 37 years. She is a McKenzie Credentialled physiotherapist (1999), certified in acupuncture (2002), and obtained a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in 2017.

Carolyn received the YWCA Women of Distinction award (2004) and the distinguished Education Award from the OPA (2015). Carolyn was recently awarded the Medal of Distinction from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in 2021 for her work in pelvic health and pain science.

Carolyn has been heavily involved in post-graduate pelvic health education, research in lumbopelvic pain, speaking at numerous international conferences and writing books and chapters for the past twenty years in pelvic health, orthopaedics and pain science.

Susan Clinton

Susan is the owner of LTI Physio in Sault Ste. Marie, MI and is an international instructor/mentor in women’s health, orthopedic manual therapy, health/wellness coaching and business psychology. She is on faculty at Andrews University, NAIOMT and ASPIRE. She also serves as a Master Coach for the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Co-founder and board member: Global Women’s Health Initiative. Reviewer and Advisory board for the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy. Co-host of podcasts, “Tough to Treat,” and “The Genius Project,”

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