The Canadian Physiotherapy Association has launched their PD Marketplace.

This is the national one-stop shop for the physiotherapy profession looking for quality professional development peer-rated courses, tracked in an electronic record for each user.

CPA members have full access to the PD Marketplace, a platform for expanding your clinical knowledge and skills through online courses, discussion forums, webinars, videos, exclusive CPA Member discounts and much more.

By joining the PD Marketplace, you will be using a version of Embodia which has been created just for you. In addition to all of the benefits available for Embodia members you will also get

CPA only content and online courses
Join live webinars and connect directly with experts and therapists for engaging conversation that will support your learning
Benefit from exclusive promotions for CPA members only
Become an Embodia member which includes home exercise software for free

Join a community of like-minded, connected and passionate physiotherapists by following a few simple steps

  1. Login to the CPA website
  2. Go to Practice Resources > PD Marketplace
  3. Click on the button below the video

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You're in good company

Thank-you again CPA!!! This is the best change in the profession that has happened in years!!! I am so looking forward to the amazing information and practice support that this course is going to engage me in.

Anonymous Canadian Physiotherapy Association Member

Continuing education is a requirement of the physiotherapist in their professional practice every year. And it is wonderful that now we can achieve this remotely and online - kudos to Embodia for partnering with CPA to provide an amazing lineup of speakers! If you are a PT or studying to be one, please join CPA and you will get access to Embodia - 6 skills in 6 weeks is free and not to be missed!

The Fizzio Coach
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