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The 7 Metrics to Track For Business Success

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The 7 Metrics to Track For Business Success

The 7 Metrics to Track For Business Success

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This course was recorded in January 2024


In business it's easy to feel disorganized, stressed or that we're flying by the seat of our pants. We're not sure what we should be tracking in the business. Either we try and keep track of everything and get overwhelmed, or we bury our heads in the sand and don't track anything at all.  

In this presentation, you'll learn the 7 most important things to track in your pelvic health business.  

We'll go over the 7 most important things to be tracking in your business. These will make you feel much more confident as a business owner and be able to base your decisions on facts instead of feelings. It will also give you permission to let go of other metrics and focus solely on what is most critical to the success of your practice.

Join Nicole Cozean, a pelvic health specialist, author, and entrepreneur dedicated to changing the way we do pelvic health.



This online course is intended for pelvic health practitioners; however, all clinic owners and practitioners are welcome to join. 

The instructors
Nicole Cozean

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising, PelvicSanity Pelvic Health and Wellness, and author of The Pelvic PT Rising podcast and The IC Solution

Nicole Cozean is a pelvic health specialist, author, and entrepreneur dedicated to changing the way we do pelvic health.

Her clinic, PelvicSanity specializes in treating complex pelvic health cases and is one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.

Realizing that helping others find business success would ultimately benefit the most patients, Nicole’s Pelvic PT Rising business mentorship and Business Accelerator Program has helped more than 400 pelvic health practices start, hire, grow and scale. And helping owners create a business that truly works for them and their needs!

With a passion for mentorship and raising the pelvic health field, Nicole has helped trained more than 1,500 pelvic rehab providers with online courses. These teach frameworks to progress patients and create more confident, competent clinicians.

Along with Jessica Reale, Nicole co-founded the annual PelviCon conference – the first conference by and for pelvic health, bringing together the brightest minds and more than 400 leaders in the field for an incredible in-person event.

Nicole and her husband Jesse do the Pelvic PT Rising podcast, the #1 pelvic health podcast with nearly 400 ‘sodes all about clinical expertise, business growth and life. Nicole also began the Pelvic PT Huddle, where 9,000 clinicians can collaborate, learn and grow together. She created the Pelvic PT/OT Entrepreneurs group, the largest group of pelvic health entrepreneurs learning together as we grow.

Nicole makes her home in San Clemente, CA with her husband Jesse and son Clay.

Contact Info Instagram: @NicoleCozeanDPT Facebook: Email:

Course Material included in this course
  • The 7 Metrics to Track For Business Success
  • Welcome!
  • Slides
  • Business Metrics
  • Leads
  • Conversion Rate
  • Appointment: Evaluation Ratio
  • Forfeit Rate
  • Drop Offs
  • Fill Rate
  • Profit and Profit Margin
  • Metric Principles and Deep Dives
  • Questions
  • Feedback

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