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Mindfulness & Meditation in a Healthcare Practice

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Mindfulness & Meditation in a Healthcare Practice

Mindfulness & Meditation in a Healthcare Practice

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Expert Series: Episode 3 with Bahram Jam and Rachel Donen

Mindfulness & Meditation in a Healthcare Practice

Some topics discussed include:

  • What is mindfulness? What is meditation?
  • How do you incoporate mindfulness principles into your physiotherapy practice?
  • How can we help our patients who have been playing whack-a-mole with their symptoms by trying every kind of intervention out there?
  • What does chronic pain have to do with meditation?
  • What is the research saying about patient-therapist communication?
  • How do you build a strong therapeutic alliance with your patients?

About The Instructors:

Rachel Donen, MSc, Yoga Instructor

Rachel is a graduate of a 3-Year Yoga Teacher Training and 5-Year Mindfulness Training with Buddhist Nun, Ani Jamyang Donma and Awareness Teacher, Christopher Aslan Certified Exercise Physiologist. Rachel’s great success in relieving persistent pain and injury is due to her 10+ years of studies and practice in chronic pain, mindfulness, and yoga specializing in body alignment.

The instructors
Bahram Jam

Bahram is a physiotherapist and founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI). He's taught 1000+ continuing education courses to healthcare professionals across Canada & internationally.

He has instructed over one thousand post-graduate orthopaedic and pain science courses and has been a guest presenter at several physiotherapy and medical conferences across Canada and internationally.

His primary clinical approach is to identify relevant functional impairments and determine the best self-management strategy to maximize patient independence.

Course Material included in this course
  • Expert Series
  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Personal Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and Persistent Pain
  • Evidence
  • Multiple Therapists
  • Readiness to Change
  • Central Sensitization and Tissue Injury
  • Feedback