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Clinic Academy on Embodia

Please note that this feature is only accessible to the clinic manager.

Please note that this feature is only available for Academy Pro Clinics.

Introduction to memberships

Academy Pro clinics can use Embodia to set up memberships on their Clinic Academy that allow the collection of recurring revenues from your client. Once memberships are set up, you can provide a special members-only price for your courses and webinars. You can also make your paid courses and webinars free for your members.


Setting up your membership

Go to My clinic > Academy:

My Clinic Academy Memberships on Embodia

Go to Memberships > Membership options tab:

Clinic Academy memberships on Embodia

Click Add a membership option and fill in the relevant information in the popup form. Provide the name of your membership and a description to let your clients know what the membership will include. This information will be displayed to your customer.

Clinic Academy memberships on Embodia

Setting up a membership on Clinic Academy on Embodia


Here's a brief outline of each piece of information shown in the screenshot above:

  • Name: give your membership a name. This name is visible to patients/clients.
  • Nickname: you can give your membership an internal name for your use. This name is not visible to patients/clients.
  • Description: provide a brief description of what's included in the membership. This description is visible to patients/clients.
  • Price: how much does this membership cost?
  • Currency: the currency that will be used.
  • Billing period: how frequently is this membership billed (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly)?
  • Show on public memberships page: your memberships will be visible and available for purchase from your online portal page.
  • Active: check this box if you want this membership to be available for use. Uncheck this box if you want to discontinue this membership.

If you check the box Show on public memberships page, anyone who comes to your online portal/online booking page will have the option to view your memberships:

Show Clinic Academy membership on client portal page

They can then read about your memberships and can purchase one by signing in or signing up.

Clinic Academy memberships on Embodia

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