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Diagnostic Strategies to Understand the Cause of Hip Pain in Young Adults

Hip pain in young adults is a common condition and can be associated with several reasons.

It's important to follow a systematic approach to diagnose the problem - watch the short video below with Dr. Femi Ayeni to get started.

This online course taught by Dr. Femi Ayeni will provide a structured approach to evaluating a young adult with hip pain emphasizing key elements of history, physical examination, and basics of imaging. This recorded webinar is the follow up to the first online course taught by Dr. Femi Ayeni, which you can find here.

You Will Learn:

  • To develop a systematic approach to examining the hip. 
  • To enhance the understanding of causes of hip pain in young adults.
  • To develop a diagnostic strategy when evaluating hip pain in young adults.



Trainees and practitioners who treat hip pain in medical and allied health care fields including physiotherapy (physical therapy), chiropractors, kinesiologists, and athletic therapists.

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About The Instructor

Dr. O.R. (Femi) Ayeni

Dr. Ayeni is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at McMaster University. He is currently the medical director for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canadian Football League) and Forge FC (Canadian Premier League) and previously served as the assistant team physician for the New Jersey Nets (National Basketball Association). He has published over 300 academic publications in sports medicine as well as several textbooks focused on sports medicine/research. He is considered a leading authority on hip injuries and conditions in the young adult as this is a substantial portion of his clinical practice. He has spoken widely across the globe on evidence-based approaches to evaluate and treat hip-related syndromes and conditions.

Click Here for the Full Course

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