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Clinic Academy on Embodia

Please note that this feature is only accessible to the clinic manager.

To get an overview of the attendees that take your courses, go to My clinic > Academy:

My clinic academy on Embodia

Click on Attendees. This page will list all attendees with the number of courses that they have taken and the total revenue for all courses taken:

Clinic Academy attendees

To get more details, click on the name of the attendee to go to their page which includes details about their purchases on your Clinic Academy, as well as their email address:

Course attendee information on Clinic Academy on Embodia


If you have a Tier 2 or 3 Membership on Embodia as well as a Clinic Academy, you will see an additional button on this page called 'Connect to a practitioner'. This allows you to connect the patient to your Tier 2/3 patient list. Their patient profile will be added to your 'My patients' section:

Clinic Academy on Embodia - Connect to practitioner

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