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Clinic Academy on Embodia

On your Clinic Academy, you can set a price for each of your courses, make them available for free, or include them in a membership. In this help article, we are going to outline how to make a course available to your membership only. In order to do this, you must first have a membership set up. Learn how in the article, Setting up the membership for your Clinic Academy.

Once you have a membership set up, create a new course or go to Edit settings on an existing course page.

Editing a course on Clinic Academy


In the Pricing tab in the sidebar, set the Cost of the course as well as the Cost with membership. The cost with membership can be $0 (making it free to your membership). Check the box Only accessible with a membership to make the course available to your membership only.

Setting up courses on a Clinic Academy on Embodia

If you check the box Only accessible with a membership, this is what your patients/clients will see on your course page. Notice that the image on the left has a banner that says Requires membership. The course on the right side can be purchased by non-members for $49.99 and members can access it for free.

Setting up memberships on a Clinic Academy on Embodia

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