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Clinic Academy on Embodia

Please note that this feature is only accessible to the clinic manager.

Course instructors can be added to a course and they will be displayed along with the course information. Here's an example of what that looks like:

Instructor bio on Clinic academy on Embodia

To manage the course instructors for your Clinic Academy, go to My clinic > Academy:

My Clinic Academy on Embodia

Click on Course instructors:

Instructors for My Clinic Academy on Embodia

When we enable your Clinic Academy, we create a default course instructor for your clinic. This instructor will be added to each course you create and cannot be deleted (however you can rename it and/or hide it from showing up with the course details).

To add a new course instructor, click New Course Instructor:

New instructor for clinic academy on Embodia

Write the instructor's name and designation, and click Submit:

New instructor for clinic academy on Embodia

You can then add the instructor's bio and headshot by clicking on Edit bio:

Instructors info for clinic academy on Embodia

Once you have uploaded their headshot and written their bio, click Submit:

Instructor's profile on clinic academy on Embodia


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